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Pulsacoil A Class Boiler

Pulsacoil A Class

The Pulsacoil A Class boiler is described as a mains pressure hot water supply system incorporating an off peak electric thermal store.

An important feature of the concept is that hot water can be supplied directly from the mains satisfying flow rates without the need for temperature and pressure relief safety valves or expansion vessels. This is achieved by passing the mains water through a plate heat exchanger. The outlet temperature of the domestic hot water is maintained by a printed circuit control board, which controls the speed of the pump circulating the primary water from the store through the plate heat exchanger.

Pulsacoil A Class Common Faults

The most common faults with the Pulsacoil A class is related to the two immersion switching relays. The original relays supplied with the boiler burn out and can cause sever damage to the PCB, this results in an expensive repair. If you smell a plastic burning smell coming from the Pulsacoil A Class the switch the unit of immediately and call a Pulsacoil a Class repair engineer. Other Pulsacoil A class common faults are when the relay "Sticks" in the on position causing the store to overheat or even boil.

If you have a Pulsacouil A class we would strongly recommend that you have it serviced to ensure that the boiler safe to use.

 Siezed Pump

Fauts on the PCB can cause the pump to run continuously and sieze.

This is not common but if the PCB does go faulty it is an expensive part to replace